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In a followup post to my problem in which I wrote a post about. I will briefly summarize the situation.

On Thursday the 25th of January 2012 I called Qualitynet because I felt that my connection was being slow.

Qualitynet then sent me a technician the 1st week. Then I was visited by Qualitynet employee in the 2nd week. He told me to send him a trace route report of all the servers I ran the speed test through.

I was told by another Qualitynet employee that he personally don not acknowledge results!

They changed some of the settings, some sites became faster while others didn’t. Youtube became faster for a while but it’s slow again.

Downloading from:
Gave 20 to 40 kb/s download speed.
They CANNOT be all slow!
Today is the 15th of February 2012 almost 3 weeks since I 1st reported the problem to Qualitynet. I called them again today after another random disconnect which I’ve been getting recently and they told me they will send me another technician!
In terms of customer support service, I do not know what do they call this. I’m very unpleased with my customer support experience I’m getting.

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