Amateur Radio Finally! Got my License & CallSign


After over two months of going into some extreme stupid so called “laws” here in Kuwait, I got my license as well as my call sign for HF/VHF/UHF.

Call sign: 9K2FE

The problem with our ministries here that there aren’t written laws for many of the things & if existed they are so old & makes no sense at all!

For example, they refused to proceed with my license at MOC (Ministry of Communications) unless I bring them a radio device to include it on the license!

What country does that?! I mean when you are certified as an HF user, it doesn’t matter what device you use, it’s like requesting you to bring a car before you drive & you are stuck with that car as written on your license. Stupid aih?!

The people there are so ignorant that they cannot even read the specs of the device properly & won’t even bother to look online for it, they request a hard copy of the specs of the device you want … it can be easily edited & you can provide fake specs & get what you want & no one would know! Of course I wouldn’t do that for ethical reasons & it would also be lying.

You might be asking “get what you want”?? Ah yes, I forgot to tell you, though it is not officially written in papers, but people there say Airbands are not allowed, though one guy spoke to the minister of the MOC & he didn’t say no. Also, any device that has 6 meters band is not allowed into the country cause the military USED to use that band for it’s activities, they NO longer use it, but they are either lazy enough or afraid to change the rules. You are also restricted to 3 devices, you CANNOT have more than 3 licensed radios!

On the UHF the official range for region 1 is 430-440 MHz, in Kuwait for the Amateur service you are only allowed to use 435-438 MHZ not even enough for a proper repeater frequency separation. Yes I know the government have the right to use some of the frequencies but trust me, they have no idea what they are doing.

I mean … sigh .. check this out, now if someone dies, what should happen? His call sign is no longer reserved right? If some people did not renew there call signs they are no longer reserved right? Well, here you cannot even take a dead man’s call sign.

Almost everyone in the department there has his own rules, there are no fixed rules & every person you meet would tell you something completely different than the other, knowing that they are all in the same department not to mention in the same ministry.

The situation is bad here for Amateurs.

Till later, am just happy I got my license as well as radio finally!

icom IC-E91 + License

My Radio & License

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