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Internet Qualitynet Bad Customer Service 02


In a followup post to my problem in which I wrote a post about. I will briefly summarize the situation.

On Thursday the 25th of January 2012 I called Qualitynet because I felt that my connection was being slow.

Qualitynet then sent me a technician the 1st week. Then I was visited by Qualitynet employee in the 2nd week. He told me to send him a trace route report of all the servers I ran the speed test through.

I was told by another Qualitynet employee that he personally don not acknowledge results!

They changed some of the settings, some sites became faster while others didn’t. Youtube became faster for a while but it’s slow again.

Downloading from:
Gave 20 to 40 kb/s download speed.
They CANNOT be all slow!
Today is the 15th of February 2012 almost 3 weeks since I 1st reported the problem to Qualitynet. I called them again today after another random disconnect which I’ve been getting recently and they told me they will send me another technician!
In terms of customer support service, I do not know what do they call this. I’m very unpleased with my customer support experience I’m getting.
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Internet Qualitynet Bad Customer Service

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I subscribed with Qualitynet in late 2010. I had problems from the beginning, they had to send a technician to check the quality of the line from my side and discovered that its from the ministry of communications. But I cannot blame them for that.

My connection type is 2 mbps gaming, which means download speed of little more than 2 mbps and upload speed of 1 mbps.

After about a year and just 10 days before my subscription ends I got disconnected and after calling Qualitynet they told me your phone line is bad and it is affecting the signal quality and that we have to decrease the speed, so they changed my connection from 2 mbps to 1 mbps for the mean while to at least be connected to the internet. They told me the problem is from my side and that I had to change the filter, telephone wires for the phone/router or even the building’s wires. Being a polite customer I always remained calm and followed their instructions because I thought that they had a list to go by before they reach a conclusion on the type of problem. What they don’t know is that they are talking to an electrical engineer, computer geek and a Cisco CCNA1 certified customer. In that case I would have already tested and concluded that the problem is not from my side. All those requests to restart your gateway, unplug the phone or change the DSL filter are really not necessary. For GOD sake I flash custom firmware for my routers and fix network related issues for friends.

The other thing is that statistically, it has always been a problem with the ministry and not my side.

The easiest thing for Qualitynet it seems, is sending you a technician home to check your connection. No offence to technicians but I like to minimize the number of strange people entering my home and invading my privacy, not to mention one of the last times where Qualitynet promised to send a technician at 5 PM but he came 8:45 PM. Imagine sitting there dressed properly and not being able to leave home waiting for the technician to arrive any moment for hours!

The last time I was told that the problem is from my side and that I had to change the building phone line after a visit by Qualitynet’s technician to my house. I purchased a complete roll of brand new original high grade phone line and replaced the whole line from the ministry distribution box to my flat several floors up. Still the quality of signal didn’t get any better and finally the problem was found to be form the ministry to my apartment. Thank you Qualitynet for letting me spend time and money on a totally unnecessary thing!

Lately I’ve been experiencing very slow speeds on everything! Youtube, VPN and all kind of downloads from all websites. I checked and found out the following.





New York:

Miami Florida:


Clearly the problem wasn’t from my side, my ping, download and upload speeds to servers in Kuwait were very good! My problem was with anything outside of Kuwait.

I called the customer support and explained the problem accurately on Thursday night. Saturday morning they called me and said we will send you a technician at 7 PM. I’m thinking to myself WTH?! I told the guy the problem is not from my side, my connection to Qualitynet servers and other servers in Kuwait are fine. The same guy called few minutes later asking me to do some speed tests and tell him the results. Imagine a guy from Qualitynet support asking me to do several speed tests and give him the number so he adds them up to see if they add up to my speed?! What?! I was thinking to myself. So if I run 4 speed tests that gave 0.5 mbps, we add them up to be 2 mbps and the download speed is fine?! At least that’s what I understood from his request but I could be wrong. (What kind of sorcery is this?!)

I thought what if we have general problem in Kuwait so I went to my relatives and tested the same exact servers on (Note they have Fasttelco). They have 1.5 mbps connection yet they managed to get the full 1.5 mbps download speed from all the server seen above in the results.

It’s Monday today and there is no respond from Qualitynet. I called them and they said they’ll probably call me tomorrow but they cannot promise it’s going to be solved.

Unfortunately it’s no longer about Quality!

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