General Girls are Hubs, Boys are Switches and Routers


Throughout my experience in life, I’ve came to a conclusion time ago that seems to prove it self on regular bases. While the title might be self explanatory to “geeks” and “network professionals” or at least would be easier to understand once you know what I’m talking about.

Girls talk & blabber too much! News spread like fire, gossips and rumors just spreads between all of them. If a girl is notified of something, she goes telling everybody about it, just like a hub!

For non network professionals, a hub is a network device that receives data & broadcast it to all connected devices on the network, whether it was their data packets or not everyone gets a copy of it.

You should be getting a part of the picture by now.



On the other hand however, boys are more careful when they speak, they speak less & they are more intelligent when it comes to the concept of spreading news. Tongues do not slip fast & they do not broadcast everything they hear, that’s why they are more like switches and routers.

Switches and routers are more intelligent devices in a network, received data are only transferred to a specific address depending on a lookup table that is called an ARP table. This way only the desired destination receives that certain desired data.



The bottom line here is … well I guess you already know it.

P.S: Another thing you should know here, though packets transferred through hubs are usually of a good quality, news spread by girls tend to mutate during transmission & original content quality degrade severely after few transmissions.

4 Responses to “Girls are Hubs, Boys are Switches and Routers”

  1. Mesh Says:

    hubs are shared media, hub does not broadcast a packet, but it reaches all by the shared media, the one with the proper MAC should consider it, while others dump it.

    its well known that packets in hubs suffer from collisions when 2 stations try to send a packet at the same time

  2. Nosayba Says:

    That is one of the funniest geeky metaphors I’ve heard of in terms of categorizing genders. I mean, enough of the lame Mars, Venus & Jupiter stuff..

    Now in terms of its accuracy, ya3ny, you’re a bit stereotyping don’t you think? I would’ve counted on your acquaintance with router-like females that would make you less generalizing when it comes to this matter.

    lol @ news mutate. Btw, another difference to point out is that a network which relies mainly on switches is known to have faster transmission rates than one which uses hubs; I thought women spread news faster? And like “Mesh” said, collisions should occur if two women spread the same news simultaneously, which doesn’t exactly happpen.. Sorry but your theory can be invalidated (a)

  3. 0x00FE Says:

    Yes Mesh you are right, the term broadcast isn’t quite accurate here & yes I am aware of collisions, thought they shouldn’t be mentioned not to complicate matters more for the general public 😛

    Nosaybe, switches are faster because there are no collisions, but the main point here, they only reach the desired destination 😉
    Actually, if you look deep into it, collisions actually happens!
    Since news mutate, when two girls tell the same story, they both have different versions.
    Maybe not the true meaning of collision regarding our subject here, let’s think of it as an invalid check sum xD

  4. MBH Says:

    I have no idea how I reached here… too many typos caused me too much emotional damage 🙁

    Plenty of stuff girls do that make no sense to me. At all. I tried understanding but just couldn’t find logical relations to the actions produced.

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