General What Does it Feels Without Piracy


A friend told me that I have to write about my feelings & impressions after switching to fully legal.
My iPOD only contains legal music now, my computer still have some tracks here & there that I didn’t have time to remove, but I’m not listening to any pirated stuff.
As for software, I do not use any pirated software. Though I might still have some installed on Windows here or there, lost track of them but I’ll be removing them as soon as I discover them.
This also goes for the videos, the thing is that I’m a bit messy when it comes to files, I got tens of folders here & there and on many hard drives & partitions, so it is a bit hard to keep track & remove them in time.

Am I missing anything?
Well, not really. I’m not addicted to certain series to begin with but I would probably have problem with music if I do not find what I want in tracks if you know what I mean.
iTunes is probably the best retail store when it comes to music, but Kuwait’s iTunes store sucks as I mentioned in an earlier post.
I’m currently relying on Amazon’s MP3 store to purchase all music tracks that I want. I’ve already got disappointed trying to find a certain track yesterday, the CD was available to purchase but nothing to download, though I have the CD (original), I wanted to gift a track to a friend, thought I’d get it original. Yeah yeah probably your thinking “this guy is nuts!”.
I’ll tell you to think of whatever you want, as long as I know I’m doing the right thing I don’t care! 😛

It feels great to be living legal, knowing that you aren’t stealing others work. You also feel proud being different.

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